A collection of innovative organic products with exciting, beautiful, great taste from all over the world - produced in Sweden. Enjoy edible flowers, dreamspices, lemonade, chocolate, oliveoil, coffee and much more at the same time as you contribute to a better world. 




En kollektion innovativa ekologiska produkter med spännande, vackra och härliga smakupplevelser från hela världen - producerade i Sverige. Njut av ätbara blommor, drömkryddor, lemonad, choklad, olivolja, kaffe och mycket mer samtidigt som du bidrar till en bättre värld. 



Our products are developed, designed and made in Sweden.

We are very proud of our inhouse ADD:WISE produciton site, situated outside Stockholm. This is where we develop and produce all our products by hand. This is where all the recepies are made and this is where we tap every bottle and fill every jar one by one. 

It´s far from a big industry - our conecpt is to make sure all our products are made with care, for the environment and for the people who produce and buy our products. 

We LOVE what we do and we hope you can feel our passion in the products. 

THE STORY behind

The idea to develop my own brand was first born in 2014. At that time I ran my own architectural business in Stockholm, Sweden since 15 years back.
I´d identified something on the market that I found interesting. What I saw was that very often either a product had a very nice design but was lously produced with bad raw material on the inside or the opposite, the products were sustainable produced for example organic or fairtrade but the packaging and the design was boring and not very well developed.  
So I asked myself if it would be possibly to combine great design with a sustainable inside. 

The answer was ADD:WISE - when you add something to your life do it wisely

I wanted, through this brand, to spread my vision that consumtion needs to be done with reflection. If I could also create a brand that had social engagement in the core business, so we and our customers could contribute to improve the world I decided this was something worth doing. So late August 2014 I "abandon" my architectural business and became a food producer. 
I have´nt regret it for a single second. 




ADD:TASTE by ADD:WISE is beautiful, natural, organic flavours from all over the world, designed and made in Sweden. 

We work exclusively with sustainable and fair products. We make sure our products are made with care - for the environment, for the people who produce and buy our products. 

We base all our production on the core values that are found in fairtrade, organic and locally produced. 

We combine our knowledge of design & product development, careful and sustainable production with a passion to contribute to o more equal and fair world through our social investment program. 

We look at our business as a circle, when you buy our products we give back together.

Warmly welcome to ADD:WISE - together we make the world a better place.